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    Dauntless Retail

    At a Glance

  • Multi-store performance comparison in one report
  • State compliant cloud reporting and data backup
  • Reliable, high quality hardware for purchase or lease
  • Money management (Quickbooks, PayQwick)
  • Customer loyalty and SMS Marketing (Springbig)
  • Online Menu with near real-time inventory updates (IheartJane, Leafly, Cannabiscope, Fynd)

Know what products you have and what products you need

Empowering Success with Enterprise Technology

Managing your inventory can be tedious, time-consuming, and confusing. It is also vital to your bottom-line. Dauntless provides software that gives you detailed information about your products, cost, mark-up, and suppliers.

Over 80 default reports give you data to make the correct business decisions.

Predictive ordering suggests new order counts based on past sales history.

Your Budtender’s Best Friend

Budtenders rave about our Point-of-Sale terminals. “Simple to learn.” “Easy to use.”

Process more orders per hour. Stock level look-ups, loyalty program points and sales information are available at the register. Hardware that doesn’t fail.

Dauntless products are connected by GIANT, a secure ecosystem enabling one connected, global, unified cannabis industry.

Empowering Success

Through Efficient Enterprise Technology

Dauntless Grow and Process Services are state-of-the-art, affordable, product management tools for producers and processors. Our services are mobile, fast, and efficient allowing you to manage your valuable resources on the go while still staying in compliance with state traceability systems.

  • Fast, efficient mobile services allow you to manage your resources on the go and stay in compliance with state traceability systems
  • Effectively manage your full product lifecycle across multiple locations and provide documented handoff in your chain of custody
  • Time saving features and exceptional support for the PC and mobile applications, plus custom label designer
  • Keep control of your data; traceability features and functionality outperform all competitors
  • Connectivity to retailers, labs, and delivery services
  • Automate with NFC/RFID technology; use mobile app and printer to manage product from anywhere in your facility
  • Secure storage and cloud-based backup

Inventory Control & Cash Management:

The two most important areas of a successful business.

  • Dauntless excels at both, with full regulatory compliance built in
  • Perfect for large stores and multiple locations. Ideal for small stores planning to grow
  • Service package options to fit your needs and your budget.

Our core global retail Point-of-Sale (POS) software has 25 years of retail experience:


business deployments




US customers

It is no coincidence that 8 of the top 10 retail stores in Washington use Dauntless to manage their operations.